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29 July 2005 @ 04:15 pm
Friends, Romans, Countrymen.

Many years ago now... well, a couple, my friend Kaileron and I founded an Assassin's guild. The spirit of this guild was originally to hang around in dark alleyways with weapons and black cloaks and possibly scare people into giving us money and cookies... and kill them...
But the Assassin's Guild has sold out. We are now on the Web! Dutchie and I are now co-founders of the Assassin's guild lj community! However, only the mose elite, fearless and bold assassins need apply.

Basically, what we're going to do is chat about things we hate and why we should assassinate them, and then do nothing about it... or maybe we will do something about it. *sharpens her throwing knives*

Oh, and we could maybe discuss weapons and assassination tactics... you know, nothing that would get us arrested, but a little 'harmless' fun :P
Benevolent or Evil?: crazycrazy
kaileronkaileron on July 29th, 2005 03:52 pm (UTC)
w00t. first comment :)